Design Outputs



Patterns is a multidisciplinary design practise that specialises in developing unique design solutions. I work with my clients on logo creation, brand development and campaigns. Annual reports, books, brochures and flyers. Posters and banners, menus and point of sale (POS). Environmental graphics, signage, way-finding and vehicle livery. Branded apparel and products. Social media and web graphics.

My Inspiration



I see each new client as a blank canvas. My inspiration comes from you, not from what others are doing. For me, authenticity is the truest pathway to success. Before I create anything for my clients, I will get to know them first, this is done through an initial informal meeting followed by a design thinking workshop. If you struggle to describe exactly what you want, don’t worry, we will work on the nuts and bolts together. It’s an engaging and productive design process which involves brainstorming workshops and lots of post-it-notes!

Design Thinking + Workshop Facilitation


I love the process of absorbing your ideas, thoroughly sounding out possibilities, and creating designs solutions that become a cherished part of you and your business. I thrive off working with others to find the patterns in things. Using a human-centered design research methodology to probe, assess and evaluate insights and outcomes. Facilitating workshops and conducting interviews. I can clearly communicate research findings by producing visually compelling presentations and documents.

User Experience Design



In-depth research is required to understand what makes a great user experience. I am passionate about understanding my clients and their target market because that’s the way to ensure branding hits the spot. The methods of research I use include usability testing, surveys, interviews, competitive benchmarking, affinity and flow diagrams, mapping and wireframes. I foster productive collaboration processes with beneficiaries and other stakeholders to co-create desired system / software experiences.


Client + Designer Partnership


Every client I’ve worked with is unique and the creative solutions we crafted together were just as inimitable. A great client-designer partnership is fundamental to great design solution. My aim is always to become a trusted partner who inspires and enables my clients to achieve their goals. I will give as much care to your visual objectives as you do.

Project Management



I can help you plan and organise resources to move a specific project toward completion. I assess the workload and present you with a detailed indicative time scale. I liaise with contractors to confirm deadlines are realistic and within budget. From that point forward, I keep checking in to make sure we’re on the right track and that deadlines are being met along with your expectations. If issues are identified, I will immediately move to clarify and resolve them.