Where Sports Meets Art

Three posters designed to advertise JudgeGill’s partnership with Kin Collective. The posters were auctioned at the opening night of the collaborations pop up store in London. The proceeds went to the English homeless charity, Shelter. The Moment of Genius sold for a fair fee.


Each A0 limited edition poster portrayed a different aspect of sport through the use of line and colour.

1. A Moment of Genius – pure talent and total artistry Lionel Messi outplays 6 Getafe players, Barcelona v’s Getafe, April 07.

2.’The Referee’s a Wanker’ – the emotion of sport, a colour visualisation of  soundwave.

3. The Tools of Artistry – hand eye co-ordination, 27 sports balls to scale.

Studio Work

JudgeGill, Manchester


Art, Illustration, Print