Patient Advocate

I have been a Patient Advocate and involved in Cancer Research as a Patient + Public Involvement (PPI) contributor since 2018. This timeline gives an overview of the organisations I have worked with over that time and how my PPI work has integrated with my design and research work.

I am thrilled to say that in February 2023 I was named the Irish Cancer Society PPI Champion 2023 for my contribution in driving forward patient centred cancer research in Ireland. It's a huge honour to receive this award and just wonderful to feel appreciated.


Irish Association for Cancer Research

In 2022 I was appointed IACR PPI Champion with a view to defining and growing the PPI agenda for the IACR. I joined the Irish Association for Cancer Research (IACR) as a Patient + Public Involvement (PPI) member 2018.

I have assisted academics to effectively communicate their research to the public and also provide my design expertise and skills. I rebranded the IACR and created the new website. For the last five years I have designed the annual conference brochure and all the visual collateral linked to the event. I also manage, maintain and update the IACR website.

In 2023 I facilitated the first IACR PPI Council workshop, a new initiative to foster future research partnerships between researchers and people affected by cancer. I secured funding for the session from the Irish Cancer Society, the All Ireland Cancer Research Institute and HSC Northern Ireland.

This funding covered the three hour workshop with 4 speakers and 8 round table discussions, a dedicated PPI stand and PPI seed funding vouchers for IACR members. I’m delighted to say that the IACR PPI initiatives have proved a huge success.

2023: Facilitated and organised the first IACR PPI Council workshop, established the dedicated PPI stand and announced the PPI Council Seed Funding Vouchers at the IACR 2023 conference
2022: Became PPI Champion for IACR
2019, 2020 + 2022: IACR Paddy Johnston Communication Workshop Partner
2018: Joined IACR PPI council in 2018, created new logo design and website

Irish Cancer Society

In February 2023  I was named the Irish Cancer Society PPI Champion for my contribution in driving forward patient centred cancer research in Ireland.

I became a PPI contributor for the Irish Cancer Society in 2019. As a patient advocate I been involved in a number of Breast Cancer Awareness Month media campaigns including interviews with The Irish Times, The Irish Independent and RSVP Magazine .

I am a PPI reviewer on PhD/Post Doc funding applications, the annual PhD Lay Abstract awards and the €4m Collaborative Cancer Survivorship Research Centre Grant. I was recently awarded the Patient Advocate in Cancer Research Champion Award.

2023: Co-facilitator on Irish Cancer Society PPI training for researchers
2022: Successfully applied for Patient Advocate in Cancer Research Champion Award, this funding supported me to organise and facilitate the first IACR PPI council workshop at the annual IACR 2023 conference
2022: PPI Grant Reviewer Collaborative Cancer Survivorship Research Award (€4million)
2021: PPI Grant Reviewer Translational Fellowship
2020: PPI Grant Reviewer PhD Research Awards
2019: PPI Grant Reviewer Social and Allied Health Scholarship
2019: PPI Reviewer PhD Student of the Year

Breakthrough Cancer Research

I got involved with Breakthrough Cancer Research in 2020. I have assisted academics in their lay communications and given presentations on Infographic best practise. My story has been used campaigns to promote the celebration of survivors and their lives after cancer.

In 2020 I applied for funding with Breakthrough Cancer Research. I got it! It supported me to do a Master’s in Design for Change at IADT. My research was motivated by own experiences and focused on The Information Gaps experienced by Breast Cancer Patients in Ireland. I came out with a First Class Honours.

2023: Research Assistant, UCD
2020 - 2022: MA Design for Change @ IADT, working with patients and stakeholders to investigate the information deficits experienced by Breast Cancer patients in Ireland.
2022: Communication workshop for researchers - Presenter
2021:  Soalfada Media campaign
2020: Communication workshop for researchers - Presenter
2019: The Shop that Nearly Wasn’t Media campaign - Two hero videos I Nearly Wasn’t and T-shirt designs

Patient Voice in Cancer Research

As a Patient Partner with the PVCR I have taken part in communication and innovation workshops.

2023: Have Your Say In Research Seminar Speaker + Co-presenter
2022: Patient Innovation workshop with Innovation Academy 2022
2020: Fireside podcast host
2020: Dragons’ Den in Galway with own research question on information deficit
2019: Biobanking workshop in Cork

All Ireland Cancer Research Institute

As an AICRI Patient Partner I have been a workshop panel member and involved in media promotion.

2023: AICRI short interview media promotion
2022: AICRI/PVCR patient workshop panel member

PERCS St James Cancer Rehabilitation

2023: Irish Independent Interview
2022: Patient partner on website design

PPI Ignite Network

2022: PPI Ignite @ UCD Lab Based Research Learning + Development Workshop

Choirs For Cancer

2023: Patient Partner Speaker at Choirs for Cancer 2023 event
2022: Logo Design + Posters



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